Hi there!  My name is Amy Daumit.  I am a teacher, writer, speaker, and free spirit.  I have undergraduate degrees in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and a Juris Doctorate. I have had the full-blown “corporate” job, and worked for years teaching.  What I really love, however, is teaching, writing, helping others, and sharing in their journey.

Blogging became a part of  my personal journey to healing and soon blossomed into a book; forget me not, learning to live with me and for me.  The book became the inspiration for Forget Me Not Advocacy Group, a nonprofit focused on stopping domestic violence before it starts, through education and community awareness, while supporting those who are healing from abuse.

I’ve been following that dream for a number of years now, working to create an environment where I am able to teach and help others to find their authentic selves, live a life free from abuse and outside control, and be un-apologetically them.

While working to find the best way to reach these goals, I’ve taught English to children in China, blogged about domestic violence, gardening, and teaching at VIPKID, and did a short podcast entitled, Forget Me Not Radio – Taboo Topics.  

Through all of these outlets, I have been able to integrate my love of teaching, writing, and of helping others.  This year, everything started to click and Owl Path Learning Community was born!

Owl Path is a subsidiary of Forget Me Not Advocacy Group and is a homeschool resource center where young people can be who they are meant to be.  Owl Path offers classes in everything from core content to electives.  Furthermore, it is a community!  Owl Path works in conjunction with, and through, Forget Me Not to reach our community with classes, workshops, and community activities.

You can learn more about Forget Me Not Advocacy Group or Owl Path Learning Community, by visiting their pages.  I’m thrilled to be part of something with so much potential and am looking forward to seeing how our community will impact the lives of the next generation.


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Tedx Talk – Be the Change that Knocks Out Domestic Violence

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Blog & Forget Me Not Advocacy Group

Forget Me Not Advocacy Group is what happened when Amy Daumit started sharing her story.

“I tell people all the time that I started sharing my blog to reach others, but they reached me.  It breaks my heart to see so many hurting when it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Domestic Violence does not just encompass intimate partner violence.  Domestic violence is a large umbrella encompassing violence in a domestic situation.  It includes intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse, pet abuse, and sexual assault.  Traumas, such as rape, carry the same burdens of self-healing, and those hurt at the hands of those they love have a connection of pain that is much heavier than our society can bear.

But we can BE THE CHANGE!  “I want individuals to know that there is a beautiful life to be had, even after abuse.  It is up to find it and to enjoy all that life has to offer.

To learn more about Forget Me Not Advocacy Group or to follow Amy’s blog, Click Here.

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Forget Me Not – Memoir


Living a Beautiful Life After Domestic Violence

In her memoir51pieabgt4l-_sy346_ of surviving domestic violence, Amy Daumit takes you on a journey through her 16-year abusive relationship and marriage, reasons for staying, the difficult decision to leave, and the healing that followed.

It all began as a blissful, high-school romance. But, within months, there were signs she refused to see. It seemed that everything he did involve trying to control her. Soon, he blamed her for all that was not right in his life, and she paid dearly for her “wrongdoing” with emotional and physical attacks.

After contemplating suicide and nearly dropping out of law school, she found the strength to walk out the door. But leaving was only the beginning of a long journey of learning to live with, and for, herself.

She was left with only a shallow resemblance of her former self staring back at her in the mirror. Today Amy is sharing her story of survival and healing so that others can find hope. She believes life can be beautiful if you only believe in yourself and find it.

What Readers are Saying
“This book was really, really good. It was well written and super easy to read. I couldn’t put it down. It is a book that has a story of the author’s life under the abuse of her ex-husband. It was sad, but it had a happy ending. I recommend this book to anyone, not only women being abused because it teaches you a lot about life and being weak and being strong and it inspires you to look for ways of becoming better in life. Kudos to the author!! “- Yasmin
“Thoroughly enjoyed this book, although the telling of it must have been difficult at times for the author. Amy’s struggles through domestic violence, her determination to make the marriage work in spite of her being abused, the realization that it won’t happen regardless, and decisions she must face…are all very real. A true story of both physical and emotional abuse. It’s her personal story, …concerning the struggles during and yes…after leaving the marriage. It gives the “signs” that are typical for most abusers, so it is a helpful book to those who may have doubts about their relationships. Highly recommend.” – Anonymous
“The author put her heart and soul into this book. Amy is an example of courage, survival and determination. This book is heartbreaking and empowering. Thank you Amy, you’re an inspiration.” – Raquel
“…while there are many books that offer a statistical examination of domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence, Amy’s is unique. In writing Forget Me Not, Amy made herself incredibly vulnerable–something that is difficult for all of us, but especially for those who endured abuse for so long. She does so for no motive other than to help, and that is truly admirable.” – Laura