Blog & Forget Me Not Advocacy Group

Forget Me Not Advocacy Group is what happened when Amy Daumit started sharing her story.

“I tell people all the time that I started sharing my blog to reach others, but they reached me.  It breaks my heart to see so many hurting when it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Domestic Violence does not just encompass intimate partner violence.  Domestic violence is a large umbrella encompassing violence in a domestic situation.  It includes intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse, pet abuse, and sexual assault.  Traumas, such as rape, carry the same burdens of self-healing, and those hurt at the hands of those they love have a connection of pain that is much heavier than our society can bear.

But we can BE THE CHANGE!  “I want individuals to know that there is a beautiful life to be had, even after abuse.  It is up to find it and to enjoy all that life has to offer.

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