Episode 14 – Alexandra Galviz (Being Vulnerable and Authentic)

AlexAlexandra (Alex) Galviz is making her mark on the LinkedIn Community by following a path that is all but ignored in the corporate world.  She is being authentic.  In doing so, she allows herself to be vulnerable.  And even more, she is helping others do the same thing.

Alexandra’s story is not only inspiring to those in the corporate world.  It is helping young people as well.  Pushing her fears and doubts aside, she set her eyes on the prize and won it, only to find herself out of place and in crisis.  She packed her bags and set out to be – who we on LinkedIn know her as – Authentic Alex.

And she is getting noticed for her efforts.  In 2017, Alexandra was named one of The Top Influencers in the UK by LinkedIn.

Alexandra is a humble, gentle soul who is showing the world that you can be exactly who you are meant to be and find success.