Episode 9 – Courageous Conversations (Violence in the Media)

20182377_10213432843596644_988814784_oCourageous Conversations is a round-table approach to having those difficult conversations.  Dr. Katharine Campbell, Dr. Laura Finley, Kris Drum (Owner of A Healing Space), and I (Amy Daumit, your host) sat down to discuss how violence in the media influences a culture of abuse and violence against women.

Our conversation began with a focus on the media but quickly took us down a path of how society perceives violence, how gender roles affect our outlook and healing, and how we can change the cultural perspective on violence against individuals and groups.  It is apparent to all of us how this issue of violence is far-reaching and broader than we often give it credit for.

Take Away:  Violence against women is violence against everyone.

Episode 6 – Kevin Abegg, Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery (Advocate & Nonprofit)

MSOStaff_AbeggKevin -LARGE
Kevin Abegg, Director of North American Alliances. LAM MSO staff portraits. Shot Friday, October 7, 2011. Andy Olsen photo

Kevin is a seasoned missionary having assisted ministries in over 30 countries, including Pichilemu, Chile where he met his wife Claudia. During his travels throughout Latin America Kevin came in contact with various anti-trafficking ministries through which God captured both Claudia and his hearts with the desperate need of those suffering as modern slaves.

You can learn more about the Abegg’s and their ministry by visiting their blog at http://www.abeggloveletters.blogspot.com and find out how you can partner with the LoF Center by supporting the Abegg’s as missionaries by visiting http://uwm.org/missionaries/27521/.


Episode 3 – Micro-Monologue (Looking Back)

20952291_10213744388465071_797080768_o (1)

5 years ago I started a blog.  It was called Forget Me Not – learning to live with me and for me.  It was, in many ways, where I first started to heal.  

My intention for these Micro-Monologues is to give you insight into where I have come from and why I share my story.  I am the story behind Forget Me Not (the memoir, the advocacy group, and the podcast).




Episode 2 – Somy Ali, It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are (Survivor & Nonprofit)

Somy headshotSomy Ali is a survivor, Bollywood actress, film producer, and founder of No More Tears, a nonprofit that works to free victims from domestic violence and human trafficking.

Her personal story will captivate you, and her work with victims will inspire you.  Somy’s interview spans the years and is a phenomenal story of how a victim was transformed into a voice for those who need it most.

You can learn more about No More Tears, and support Somy’s work, by visiting www.NoMoreTearsUSA.org.