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Episode 15 Larry Ruhl (Author of Breaking the Ruhls)

Larry Ruhl author photo, credit Franco VogtLarry Ruhl literally breaks the rules in his book Breaking the Ruhls.  Taboo topics abound as Larry tells his story of trauma and recovery by exposing the heartache and long-term affects of domestic violence within the home, incest, abuse, sexual confusion, and addiction.  Although Larry and I never spoke before this interview, I felt connected from the moment we said hello.

Stay tuned for Larry’s heartbreaking yet inspiring story, coming soon to Forget Me Not Radio – Taboo Topics!

To get your copy of Larry’s book Breaking the Ruhls, click here.

Episode 16 Caroline Abbott (Survivor and Author)

book-cover-only-for-websiteCaroline Abbott is one of the first individuals I connected to when I began this journey with Forget Me Not Advocacy Group.  She has been a huge support to the organization and to me personally.  Caroline has moved from a victim of domestic violence to a survivor, and advocate, and a champion for healing after abuse.

She has authored three books that focus on understanding intimate partner violence from a Christian perspective:


A Journey through Emotional Abuse: from Bondage to Freedom              


Episode 17 Chris Larkin (Rape at 14)

chris larkin

Rape is an act that changes the course of a victims life.  And when you are only 14 when it happens, it not only alters how you see yourself, it affects every facet of your life well into adulthood.  Chris Larkin shared, with me, his story of denial, healing, struggle, and hope.

It is through sharing our stories of healing and hope, that others can find the strength to move on and find the happiness they deserve and crave.